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Tips To Increase Productivity With A Quit List


Tips To Increase Productivity With A Quit List


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Steve Jobs

Why do you need to create a quit list?

Life is short, In no time people get old and die and it should be that by the time you die, you have accomplished everything you wanted.

Below are a list of things not to do;

  • Waiting attitude
  • Excuses
  • Smart Phone addiction
  • living in the past
  • excessive drinking
  • Over Sleeping
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Pleasing People
Quit Waiting

There is No right time to apply for your dream job, No right time to travel the world or No right time to go to school or even fall in love. its either now or never because Nothing comes when you just sit and wait.


You can make as many excuses as you want but remember each one of us was born with a unique talent and when you quit excuses, you are able to reach your full potential.

Living In The Past

You can never fix the past just like you can never fix pieces of a broken glass.

You need to focus on the future.

Checking Smartphone

Time passes quickly and to be specific, social media is very toxic before you realise it you are spending hours on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you end up being less productive at work.

Comparing Yourself To Others

This is meaningless. It is just a waste of time.

People only show what they want you to see, only the side they want to put out there.

Everyone is struggling so just do you, You have a purpose only you can fulfil.

Excessive Drinking

Because i have stomach ulcers, i rarely take alcohol but i drink when am with my friends even though it is a little, If you get drunk you may be dying today!

Over Sleeping

Productivity time is shortened, try to get to sleep properly at night.

Just sleep early and get up early.

Pleasing People

People pleasing can have a very serious risk and lower down your productivity level.

Its very stressing to try gaining people’s approval and focusing on your goals at the same time because you will always fail.

Channel your energy towards more important things. Don’t loose focus, Don’t let the passion that ignites you die.

Like i said before, I want to achieve a lot of things in life with the help of different people because it has always been successful this way.

Please try it out!

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