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Spending Money In Your 20’s For Travelling


Spending Money In Your 20’s For Travelling


The value of spending money on experience is best in your 20’s!

You see in age 20’s most of us are still free that is no serious commitments holding you back, no family to take care of and the world could be your oyster.

Just save up and travel the world!

My interest in food and cloths is very low and i don’t want to pay $10 for the same daily meal or for clothing.

It is strange that i can pay as much as i can for travel costs.

In fact my trip will cost me more than $2,000 to travel to Southeast Asia and i don’t feel a pinch because i will have new experiences, meet new people and quench my wanderlust.

It is very nice to have a new experience, you might think that food and clothing are the same or cultures are the same.

To pursue a difference,

Your top priority should be travelling to a place with completely different world view;

Anything is delicious, everyone looks beautiful and you can sleep anywhere as long as you are safe.

If you travel and know there is a difference in culture, food, clothing and languages then when you come back home you will learn to appreciate your culture and food so it starts with exploring.

I feel like am too insensitive and i don’t know much but the essential thing is absolutely in a slight difference and i want to understand more about cultures and different languages.


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