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List Of Things To Do In Life Before Old Age


List Of Things To Do In Life Before Old Age


I want to do it myself plus with the help of different people. It has always been successful that way.

However, fate is a very good and bad thing at the same time, because of fate, if you are lucky and prepared enough you can get to achieve most things that your soul truly desire.

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, But it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails”

Proverbs 19:21

After a deep thought, i came up with a list of things that i would like to achieve.

Since its best to write down what you want to do as if you have already achieved it, i will write in progress


  • Taking a Trip to The Origin of 3 Major Religions In The world

The most important question in life is why do i live?

Until to date, many religious groups, philosophers and even scholars have challenged the answer but in the end no tangible answer.

The meaning of living life must only be created by you. ONLY YOU!

In order to create my own story, i would like to travel, explore and discover on my own.

I would love to visit places where the world religion originated. I want to go to sacred place of Christianity in Jerusalem, Buddhism in Northeastern India and Islam in Mecca.

Buddhism Religion ” The mind is everything. What you think you become.

You can work on weekdays and get to visit sacred places on off days

  • Being Able to Give Back to The Society.

I believe i have the ability so i want to extend it the less privileged. this could be through building an orphanage or volunteering to work away.

  • Go sky diving in Fox Glacier,New Zealand.
  • Go to Los Angeles California to make money.
  • Get a TEFL Certificate (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and teach English in Vietnam, China or South Korea.
  • Flying Over Jeju Island with a helicopter in South Korea to see the Scenery.
  • Aerial photography with drone around the world.
  • Earning £2,000 monthly income on my blog
  • Going on a date with a handsome man with Heterochromia, beards and dimples of Venus.
But whatever you can imagine is not a reality!
  • Am able to speak and write Japanese, Korean and Chinese language.
  • Writing books to inspire young people.
  • Going on a trip to Ice Land with my son.
  • Am Waking up early at 4am to pray and do yoga everyday.
  • I have a bunny pet.
  • Attending an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) concert in Ushuaia Ibiza and watch my favourite DJs’ David Guetta and Martin Garrix play.
  • I have professional friends i can consult in any field.
  • Taking my mum on a trip to San Francisco California.
  • Able to die with no regrets
  • Taking nude photos of the love of my life
  • Exploring Southeastern Asia with my family .
  • Travelling to Ibiza, Spain with my girl squad.
  • Working abroad.
  • Being interviewed with Forbes magazine.
  • Excelling in photography.

The list is so long and you can go on but the reality is that, you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

I learnt to do whatever i want to do without having to write it down.

We only live once so why not identify just a few things you really want to do and write them down?

it will be so much fun

leave a comment about some few things you wanna do.

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