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Depression Is Not Normal


Depression Is Not Normal


May be you are going through an abuse, could be a mental problem you are facing.

Somehow you are thinking that it is normal and you are meant to feel this way but it is not normal.

currently everyone is speaking about depression.

So many celebrities are depressed, i hear it all over news, some people are even committing suicide over depression.

If you are not happy and struggling then it is okay to ask for help.

If you have an anxiety and you feel afraid like there is a dark cloud over your life then at least talk it out to someone.

Find your courage!

It does not necessarily mean that you will find a solution but being that someone is there to listen to you, it will feel much lighter.

Don’t keep so much in your mind because When you explode you will think it is the end of the world and that is the reason why many people try to commit suicide.

They choose not to talk!

Some people get into this when a toxic relationship happens or when in abusive marriages or when not able to find employment.

People are struggling with drug addictions, sexual abuse,loss of spouse and just a lot to deal with.

It does not mean that you should stay in that state.

Learn to let go.

When something is not giving you joy or any benefits then it is toxic just leave it.

Sometimes when you hear someone else’s story, you realise even you can overcome your depression.

You are stronger than you think.

4 years ago, I literally placed my life on someone else’s hands and let him decide what to do with it and that is where i went wrong.

Due to that, i went through the darkest point of my life.

If i never overcame that then i would not be able to talk about it today.

One thing for sure, Just learn to keep going and never give up.

At all times, always learn to take care of yourself no matter what because no one else will.

With the right guidance you can also overcome depression and go on to be happy because you are missing out on something great!

Let it go.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.



  1. Khaleidy October 2, 2019

    Depression is real, but I think some people choose not to talk about it because they think they will be misjudged for their decisions or states. All in all though talking makes you feel better. I mean that’s why people go for therapy right?

  2. Samson October 2, 2019

    Thumbs up


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