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Dealing With The Fear Of Being Judged


Dealing With The Fear Of Being Judged


Most of the time people have the fear of being judged as they always want to be inherently likeable you know what i mean?

Speaking of it, we have all been affected with something someone else said about us.

Words can hurt so much and sometimes make you feel less capable or rather vulnerable and in time these word can shape your beliefs.

The Fear of being judged can freeze so many aspects of our lives;

As we go about our daily self care, work, relationships and how we associate with other people i mean social life in general.

Without getting guidance or getting a hold on how to deal with fear of being judged, It can be so difficult to let it go.

Here are just a few tips on how to deal with the judgement fear.

Always Make Yourself The First Priority

Giving room for people’s judgement to interfere with the perception of yourself is like making other people a priority.

You are also giving these people the power over your life and if you tend to do this just brush it off because you are the boss of your own life for you know yourself much more than anyone else.

You have to trust your abilities, believe in yourself and appreciate the things you are good at and don’t be afraid to talk about the things that you are worst at because no one is perfect, perfection it just an illusion. Just lay out your personal needs and never give anyone the chance to dictate how you feel about yourself simple!

Invest In Yourself

Invest in your own personal growth and well being;

Wake up for that morning run you are always thinking about, Read some inspiration books, Go for yoga classes, Take a vacation that you have always been dreaming about and just engage yourself with something.

If you are unable to conquer your personal challenges then it won’t be an easy journey for you.

You should be living your best life and anything else is shitty!

Be ware Of Your Own Judgements

Judgement is just unavoidable!

Just be keen with the little voice in your head, recognising the negative thoughts that flash through your mind is the first step to overcome fear.

For example “He promised me that he will always be there for me but then he left”

Ask yourself the effect this person had on you and be careful in the future.Think positively, be optimistic and worry less about what other people say about.

Know Your Strength And Weakness

If you are aware of what you are best at and your limitations then nothing that people say can hold you down.

Always be confident in your abilities and if anyone has a formed opinion about you, then what has it got to do with you?

If you are aware of your vulnerabilities and capabilities then the effect of their judgements will have nothing on you.

Don’t allow anyone strip your pride.

Don’t Let People Define You

People will always be people with lots of opinion already no matter what you do.

Understanding that you can’t do anything about it is the very first step to overcoming the fear of being judged.

If you are so much affected by what people say about you then i think it is time to take a look at your confidence and self esteem.

It is so hard i can say that but once you accept who you really are then you can always work on the areas you want to improve on.

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