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Common Pet Peeves That Can Drive You Insane


Common Pet Peeves That Can Drive You Insane


What Are Your Pet Peeves?

A particular habit that irritates you.

We will never understand but people just have different mindsets.

Talking Loudly On The Phone.

Shouting loudly on the phone can be a real turn off, You are only talking on the phone why cant you just lower down your voice a bit its not like you are addressing the public.


No one wants to see a spit coming from the mouth, so disgusting! Imagine Watching out not to step on a spit when walking by the road.

If you have to spit do it privately or let it be at home.

Over speeding at a crosswalk

How can a normal person over speed at a crosswalk? just a little patience let the pedestrians cross the road too.

Not Flushing The Toilet After Use

It is very simple i don’t get it how someone can forget to flush the toilet after a long call.

People Acting Like They Know it All

No one gave you the authority to tell someone they are wrong even if you don’t agree with their opinion. Just keep it cool.

Talking huge

People who are looking for an excuse to fit in With pretence to have a lot of money or success when they have nothing are so fake and unreal.

Using unnecessary abbreviations.

I get it, using ‘Ikr’ is an easy thing to say when you are in a rush but too much of it is just awful.


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