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5 Simple Ways To Make The World A Better Place


5 Simple Ways To Make The World A Better Place


What can you do to make the world a better place this is a question to ask yourself.

When you look at the world today you will feel hopeless.

It is very easy to judge and see all wrong things and feel helpless that how could our small selves make a change its like moving the mountains.

But the fact is that, together and step by step through persistence moving our energy towards the same direction we could actually achieve so much.

Here are a few things we can do daily to change the world.

Lifting and Supporting People Without Judging them

It is very easy to get annoyed with other people and regard their actions as stupid.

Whenever other people treat us poorly, we tend to think that it is about us and we take it personally.

The truth is that the way other people treat us is a direct inner reflection of them as a person and it absolutely got nothing to do with us.

We can offer compassion to these people because deep down we know that everyone is struggling with different battles in their head.

Most of us are very hard on ourselves.

Sometimes people try to convince themselves that they are not good enough hence they always look up to others for validation.

We can always let people know that no one is perfect and we can offer support instead of judging them because we also make mistakes every other day the goal is to learn from these mistakes.

Genuinely Spreading Love

We should be able to spread love equally irrespective of gender, sexuality colour or origin to make the world a better place
Genuinely Spread love irrespective of our colour, gender, religion or sexuality.

What if,

Even though you are angry at someone your heart is still open for them?


This does not mean that you need to be around them even when you feel suffocated.

I know it seems so difficult but you can begin with thoughts, talks and actions from a point of love because when you choose your words from a point of love it will feel so comfortable.

We can always choose to be love even to strangers because sometimes all it takes is one person to make a change.

Being Able To Listen

Most of the times when we converse with others, we are not truly listening.

We only hear part of what someone is saying until its our turn to speak up and we have nothing to say or we just blubber.

One of the best gifts in life is being heard

Someone listening with open heart without judging is so fulfilling. I know it takes so much to be a good listener but it is a task worth pursuing because when you give, you receive and when people feel heard there is less anger, less depression and it feels much lighter.

It is not in our place to condemn or judge what other people talk about and on the other hand if someone asks for advice it is so great to give out our undivided attention and be able to listen.

Giving Out Positive Energy

The cause of the state of the world is us!

Be the light in the darkness or they say a hero is someone’s story. strive to make the world a better place.

Our energy spread out from our bodies to the world and it could be vibrating on a positive note or on a negative note and we should be mindful because we get to share this energy with others.

Everyone should be happy and in our daily life there are so many people spreading hate or bullying each other and that is a radiation of a negative energy.

Why not radiate a positive energy and just spread happiness, good stories, you know how awful it is to be around someone with bad moods right?

Giving Without Expecting Anything In Return

Do you give to receive or you just enjoy giving?

In the past have given with expectations. It is so nice to receive a thank you or something else in return but where is this desire coming from?

You should give simply because you want someone to be better

To date getting a job in Kenya is not easy if you have no money to give for you to secure a chance and its even worse if you are female because its quite obvious to get sexually harassed before you get the job.

Its a give and take affair and i hate it! because such expectations after giving a job should not hold power over us.

When you give you create a space to receive in 10 times greatness but not directly that is how the world works.

So keep giving knowing that the joy inside is more than enough and needing nothing in return is the best place to be in life.

It goes on and on,

Plant Trees

I was forgetting that we can not exist without our environment so why not take good care of it by planting thousands of trees around us .

Its so easy

In the chain of events, if each one of us become concerned with the state of the world, it comes down to individual level and we know for a fact that we hold the power in our hands of making the world a better place for you and for me and the entire generation.


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