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5 Reasons Why Living Alone Is Best


5 Reasons Why Living Alone Is Best


If you are ever thinking of moving out of your parent’s house or getting your own room or apartment why not do it?

As long as you are 18 years old and above you can move out and feel some sort of responsibility on you.

I must confess it is not easy living alone away from home but once you are out there it feels awesome.

Yeah, you got bills to pay, you got 3 meals to plan for and you got to save up Some coins.

Challange yourself!

You have to find a job and work harder that is if you have none.

These are 5 advantages of living alone

  • Free space

Yes you have your own space to sleep in if you want to, you can also walk naked, you decide on which program to watch.

Remember our African parents: ” Now you think i am your maid? You want to sleep till late because you think you are already rich?” haha.

  • Freedom

You can cook what you want how you want it, you can play music until late without anyone questioning why and you can also come back home any time in the night as long as it is safe.

Your friends can visit at any time. No more permissions needed.

  • Responsibility.

It feels so good to be responsible, imagine paying your rent on time

Taking care of yourself and feeding yourself,

Being able to manage your finances because the moment you misuse even a single coin, you get to have a very rough month ahead.

  • Life experience

This is when you experience real life and learn lessons.

When you get into your own space, you learn more about yourself and you get to know your limits.

You must train yourself and learn to be strict with yourself when it comes to treats and spending money on yourself.

You must learn about your goals put them down and work towards achieving each one of them.

Something you can’t do when still living at home with all the comfort.

  • Self Growth

Not every single day you will be able to afford all the 3 meals.

There are those day you can only afford 1 meal a day but that does not mean that you will have to move back home instead you will work harder.

This hardens you up, the way you think and view life will completely be different.

You are able to appreciate the fact that sometimes you will have in abundance and sometimes you will lack.

Living alone hasn’t been any better but when given another opportunity right now i would still choose to live away from home😊



  1. maryam September 28, 2019

    very useful content.I’m motivated

    1. Gypsy Flora September 30, 2019

      awwww girl…Thank you feels good to know that


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