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10 Simple Ways To Make Your Life Easy


10 Simple Ways To Make Your Life Easy


There are simple ways to make your life easy because by now you have realised how hard or complicated life is.

Just imagine keeping up with family and friends, staying on top of work responsibilities, getting to pay rent on time, planning daily meals, making your room or apartment look neat and having to convince people that you have your life all figured out.

If you are experiencing this and you need a break off everything have got quite some tips which have worked magic for me.

Write down a to do list before bed

Instead of going to bed with lots of thoughts in your mind just write down everything you plan to do the following day and this way you are able to get quality sleep without much more worries in your mind better than waiting to write it in the morning.

Listen to podcasts

Every morning when you wake up you need to listen to podcasts because you need something to fuel you up. Every morning when i wake up i get to listen to motivational podcasts for example find yourself it makes me appreciate where i am in life and work harder to get to where i want to be instead of complaining.

Start up a simple Wardrobe collection

Get to buy essential clothing which will not go out of fashion.

The aim is to have an outfit which is suitable for several occasions without having to buy excessive clothing.

Simple wardrobe can be achieved by buying key outfits with coordinating colours to avoid having many idle cloths in your wardrobe which you cant even wear.

Have monthly targets

Waiting for New Year’s to start putting down your resolutions and your goals is time consuming, it is easier to write down your targets monthly and try.This has really helped me achieve a lot of my targets financially and other things i wanted to do in the long run.

Take a moment and slow down

Most of the time we rush through life.

Trying to get everything done at once. Sometimes just take a moment and let your mind relax and figure out areas where you need to improve on and focus on things that are important because sometimes you going towards the wrong direction.

Watch comedies

Laughter is the best drug to an easy life.

Stay around funny people. i cant have a friend who is not funny how do we even get started?

Budget for your cash

Figure out the exact amount you need for shopping and carry exactly that amount and remember don’t buy anything which is not important.

Have a morning routine

How about just a few must do things in the morning? personally i wake up and pray, take a few moments for meditation, listen podcast while i get ready and leave for work its my simple routine as you can also have yours.

Carry a water bottle

honestly we all know staying hydration is so important and we all can when you keep a water bottle with you wherever you are.


Learn to say No

It is not like you want to please everyone and it is okay to say no often this is the most valuable skill you will ever learn in life because the more you say no the more you will stay happy and have an easy life.

How do you make your life easy? share some tips on the comment.



  1. Tiffany October 8, 2019

    Wow, nice one. Thanks GypsyFlora.. i like your blogs

    1. Gypsy Flora October 9, 2019

      Thank you haha, Please share with me just afew tips that have worked for you and made your life alot easier

  2. Vinny October 8, 2019

    I love this

    1. Gypsy Flora October 9, 2019

      hahah thanks, share with me afew tips that have worked for you and made your life easier also check out5 Simple Ways To Make The World A Better Place

  3. Khaleidy October 9, 2019

    I’m certainly going to try this out..

    1. Gypsy Flora October 9, 2019

      sure but why not share with me afew tips that have worked for you and made your life abit easier?

      1. Khaleidy November 9, 2019

        After reading your blog, I have learnt to say NO! And man is it working perfectly fine for me. I am saving myself some cash that I always gave out as handouts.
        Another way that made my life easier is, realizing that, as much as other people are important to me. I am also Important, to myself. I owe myself that privilege. So in some situations,I just have to come first.


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